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Hello, my name is Don Mooney

I am the head of veterans affairs here at ACBM. A veteran myself, my mission here at ACBM is to bridge the connection for those who have served our country, by working with veteran programs to provide adequate resources of employment. This company has a heart for our soldiers, and strives to provide well paying, honest jobs and I value the work that we do here. 

My Story

 An Air Force veteran serving during the Viet Nam era. Had the distinct privilege of being a Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) after completing training for in Bring Everybody In The Zone (BEITZ) in 2013. 

Completed Peer Specialist Certification training in 2015 for MHMR before becoming a team of certified peer specialists for the veteran services arm of MHMR responding to veterans needs as related to justice involved programs. Duties included brokering housing, employment and basic needs resources for veterans navigating the legal landscape in Tarrant County.

Currently serving as a peer specialist for VA as well as Americas Best Commercial Maintenance director of Veteran Affairs offering employment opportunities for Americas best - our veteran community.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to work with veterans and veteran programs. Lets connect!


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