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Updated: Apr 7

We would like to honor Mrs. Williams as Woman of the Month in recognition of her hard work, dedication, and growth during her time here at our company. With a heart for people and hospitality, Mrs. Williams has become a valuable addition to the ACBM team. Being a part of ACBM has been "a time of growth, and a positive experience" Janettes' role model is our own CEO, a woman who has "has been a force of good, encouragement and a mentor" Janette is aspiring to one day be an entrepreneur herself and go on to continue her higher education.

As a Christian woman, happily married for twenty-four years and a mother of four, Mrs. Williams' message to other women is"What you go through in life guides you to your purpose. My own experiences have built me into the person I am today and I have stepped into my role as a leader because of those life experiences and what I have persevered through. So when you feel like giving up, don't because God will make a way as long as you stay steadfast" She describes herself as a "beautiful person" and we agree. Thank you for your hard work, and we look forward to our continued partnership!

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We at Americas Corporate Building Maintenance appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to upholding our values. Mr. Kobay has described his experience here at ACBM as a "positive" one, something we strive to uphold.

As a self-described serious person, Kobay says something most people do not know about him is that he has a goofy side and considers himself to be a big teddy bear. He is also a very talented individual, as he is also a Christian music artist! He has allowed us to share his music, please check it out here @

Thank you for being a wonderful addition to our team, and we look forward to our continued partnership!

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Happy Veterans Day! We thank all who have served our country, and we truly appreciate your sacrifice. We would like to honor two very special veterans who are a part of the ACBM family, and who have contributed in helping us bridge lasting relationships with our veteran employees. Don Mooney and Nathaniel Rodgers, thank you for years of service!

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