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The easiest way to support minority, black-owned and small businesses is to buy their goods and services.

Supporting companies that are minority owned promotes diversity within corporate America, here are some very easy ways to support these business in and around your community:

Buying local also includes shipping or delivering services. Promoting a company's goods or services through social media or through your own company.

For example, a breakfast restaurant could serve coffee by a minority-owned roaster or pastries by a minority-owned baker.

This partnership advertises their business, grows your selection, and spreads wealth across both of your businesses.

Write online reviews and visit their website. Share their information and recommend them to friends and family, this helps to grow online traffic making it easier for people to find their goods and services easier through search engines such as Google.

If you had a good experience, leave positive comments on Google, Yelp, Facebook or any other review site. Share photos if you have them, it increases their visibility online and help grow their business and won’t cost you anything beyond a few minutes of your time.

Sponsor a Business Through the Chamber of Commerce, according to the Minority Business Development Agency (part of the US Department of Commerce), there are almost 2.6 million Black-owned businesses in the United States. About 110,000 of them have employees.

Minority-owned and small businesses are essential businesses for the economy, and if you wish to support and help build up the diversity growing within corporate America, these are some great ways to get started.

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